NBA Basketball Martial Arts: Top 5 Stunts, Who's Up To It?

NBA Basketball Martial Arts: Top 5 Stunts, Who's Up To It?

The NBA league is a place where basketball masters gather, and in order to make a living in the NBA and win a championship, you must have a unique skill. Here are the top five stunts of the NBA basketball martial arts competition:

No. 5: Curry's desperate three-point shot

Curry's three-point shot created an era of small ball in the NBA, and the desperation three-point shot made all the teams inside the NBA league scared to death. Curry's three-point shots are not only plentiful, but also accurate enough to make people afraid, with a career 43.8% hit rate ranking third in NBA history. Regardless of what conditions, head-to-head defense, or pulling out open, Curry's three-point shot is creepy all the time on the opponent's side.

Fourth place: Nowitzki's Golden Chicken Stand Alone

Once questioned by all the people is a soft egg of the Norwegian Heavenly King, in the tough single core to lead the team to take out James and Wade led by the Heat, no one dares to question again. Novelty himself to create a unique hand of golden chicken independent, 2.13 meters tall plus arm span, plus jumping solo foot, plus a little backward, no one can defend. Nowitzki relied on the golden chicken stand-alone center shot stunts, for nine consecutive seasons to get the first number of center shot hits.

No. 3: Jordan's Unsolvable Backward Jump Shot

Jordan had so many basketball stunts and ways of scoring that the backward jump shot should be his most unbeatable. The master of Jordan performs the invincible backward jump shot, concentrated power, acceleration, false action, turn left and right, collect the ball and jump, backward, the highest point, steady shot, all in one go, the line of water, rigid and flexible, unpredictable, the opponent has no defense. Jordan's backward jump shot is how many NBA masters want to steal the stunts, can deeply get the essence of the master of Joe's people are only heavenly reward Kobe.

Second: Jabbar's sky hook

NBA basketball history scoring first person, there is no one-handed stunts are embarrassed to come out to mix. Self-created invincible sky hook shot, plus 2.18 meters tall and arm span, leaping height, steady hook shot, who can defend. Once the first prize Yao Ming division from the sky hook Jabbar, also learned a handful of good hook, but in the current NBA league, this hand of unique skills is afraid to be lost, no one inherited.

First: O'Neal's Shark Dunks

As the first person in the NBA history with the most dunks, the shark O'Neal has abused the opponents and baskets are countless. Peak shark, 2.16 meters tall plus 300 pounds of weight, no solution to abuse the basket, as a player, who dares to block a shark-style dunk, that is purely looking for death. Shark O'Neal's NBA career dunk 4250 times, NBA history first, active estimate is no one can reach the peak.

These five great stunts, each with its own style, let a person breathtaking. They are the representatives of the NBA basketball martial arts competition and the most dominant stunts in NBA history.

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